Hi, I'm Tim.

Software Developer | Frontend + Fullstack | JS, HTML, CSS, NodeJS

I’m a software developer using modern web technologies (while enjoying and exploring Lua and Rust). I care about accessibility, good UX, and responsive designs — just generally working on humane technology. I’m currently working as a frontend developer for Seattle Kraken Hockey Operations.

I’m a generalist, musician, and a team player who enjoys improvisation, learning, and uncovering hidden assumptions and expectations so everyone can be on the same page.

Using my experience as a luthier and instrument designer I treat my process of creating software as the building of an instrument: making something that is both simple and easily discoverable yet rewards deeper interaction and study. In my free time I enjoy coding musical controllers and interfaces for both the browser and various hardware devices.

Currently working on synthesis / sound / instrument design, chess, skateboarding, electric guitar explorations, carving out space and energy to live and have a sustainable career as an agoraphobic, and balancing free improvisation with intentionality.